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The Grooove

 The Grooove is a demo tape showing the diversity that K-Rizz brings to the table. This project covers multiple genres not boxing him into one specific style of music. " I just like to express how I feel and different types of music brings out different emotions" This project is a combination of all my favorite tracks with some upbeat reggae, infused with a hip hop flow and lyrics that speak to the soul. Reminding us how powerful we are as humans. Expressing how we can all make an impact on the world by just being who we are and believing in ourselves. 


Make you want to get out of your seat and move your body with songs like "Left & Right" that has a deep baseline, followed by piercing vocals that resonate on a spiritual level. I take pride in creating music that will leave you thinking about your life and where you are as well as where you want to be. If I can motivate one person to be a better version of themselves I feel that I've accomplished something worth living for. I've been writing original song since I was in Highschool with my friends in my parents garage.


 We built a "studio" out of all the closet doors from the spare bedrooms that we wired to the ceiling using metal clothes hangers. I recorded my first songs using a garage band microphone on Audacity a free DAW system and any cheap music equipment I could afford at the time. Moving forward my dad helped me build a fully enclosed recording & mixing room and slowly started adding to my collection while upgrading anything I felt would make a difference to the sound.

Throughout the years I started to find my style of music & writing to appeal to more of a dynamic demographic. I wanted to make music that not only me and my friends would listen to but something my younger sisters as well as parents & grandparents could listen to.


 Fast forward to today, I have continued to pursue my music career from going on tour with a 3 piece band to rocking shows solo or even with my mom (Dj Mama Rizz) sharing the stage with artist such as HIRIE, Kyle Smith, Indubious, Nappy Roots, Natalie Rise, Jason J and may more. I aim to be that inspirational artist for those to follow showing them that if you believe in yourself, stay true to who YOU ARE, and work hard enough that you can be successful in the music industry.  Blessings & LOVE 



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