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K-Rizz on USS Hornet for Battlestar Classic

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Such an honor to be able to perform on the flight deck of one of the United States most historic battle ships!

Having the opportunity to perform on the flight deck of the USS Hornet was definitely a big highlight in my musical journey. My grandfather was in the navy and one of his best friends served on this exact ship so having that little bit of history behind everything made this experience even more meaningful for me. I was able to have my mom (Dj Mama Rizz) and my beautiful sisters join me for the performance and had the best time ever. To be able to share these moments with my family is what I do it for!

“.This was the opportunity of a lifetime, I will definitely be back in the near future.”

(#flightdeck #dream #summer #USSHornet #Alameda #liveshow #usa)

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